Episode #10: The Rules of Engagement Show

Transcript is available here

The new Abnormally Funny People Show is here, and Kiruna Stamell and Gareth Berliner are this month’s guests. They are married to one another and run a theatre production company together. Gareth discusses having an invisible impairment and asks if, as stand-up, he should make reference to it? He talks about his appearance in Coronation Street and the joy of being allowed to improvise. Kiruna also shares a story about the thrill of improvisation (in her case, a tap dance at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London) and speaks about her role in the National Theatre’s production Great Britain.

All the regular spots are there including Moment of the Month, and we review the audiobook ‘Why Are You Pretending to be Normal?’ There’s also a new technology slot with Robin Christopherson from AbilityNet, who talks about the Apple Watch. As always, there’s a decent amount of silliness and quips as we ponder some important things, like if Braille in the train toilet is useful, and how can you tell if someone calling you cute is a compliment or a bit patronizing?

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