Gareth Berliner

Gareth Berliner"Gareth Berliner is clearly one of life's natural conversationalists. Chatty, friendly and engaging, he's the sort of act audiences instinctively warm to."—

While other comics whine and bitch about breaking up with their girlfriends, Berliner actually has something legitimate to complain about; namely Crohn’s Disease, a debilitating illness that can render your intestines as useful as your appendix. As well as playing the clubs on the UK comedy circuit Gareth has taken his 4 star show “Gutless” to the Edinburgh Festival, then on to the Melbourne and Adelaide Comedy Festivals. He has also performed on a bus. In 2015, Gareth made his TV debut on Coronation Street playing Macca.



Watch Gareth at the Syndey Comedy Store in 2012.

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