Liz Carr

Liz Carr

"...Carr has Northern bluffness to her delivery; cheery on the surface but blunt and robust enough to stop a train." - Chortle

Liz Carr is a wheelchair using comedian and actor. She is frank about her life as a disabled person and the inherent comedy that it brings - "I've had some tuts, which is fantastic... I look quite frail to some people, so it's like, 'She's talking about sex, she's swearing.' Every stereotype you didn't expect. People generally look terrified. 'Oh my God, is she going to be funny? Can we laugh at this?'"

Liz co-hosted the BBC's award winning Ouch! Podcast with Mat Fraser from 2006 to 2013. In 2011, Liz was part of a Newsnight debate on the controversial issue of assisted suicide.

In 2013, she joined the long running BBC crime thriller series Silent Witness as regular character, Clarissa Mullery.


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