Episode #9: Reunited and it feels so good

Transcript is available here.

Some ten years ago Abnormally Funny People (AFP), a group of mostly disabled comedians, began performing a unique live show. Our début was at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then we performed regularly at the Soho Theatre in London. We've always been aware though that not everyone can get to our live gigs, so last summer we began recording a monthly podcast that you can download or stream whenever you want and from wherever you are.

We’re already on our 9th show, which is released today, and what a corker it is! The guests are Mat Fraser (American Horror Story; Beauty and the Beast) and Liz Carr (Silent Witness) who join regular hosts Steve Best and Simon Minty.

Liz and Mat used to present a podcast on BBC Ouch and this is the first time they've been back in the studio together since they moved on. Both are active campaigners but perhaps now more widely known for their artistic work (including television) and they talk about how this affects them and their work. Not surprisingly, the conversation sometimes goes quite deep but you can relax, there will be a wisecrack from somewhere to ensure we don’t get too worthy.

Also in the show, non-disabled Steve asks if the new RoboCop is a disabled person, whilst Simon wonders if a wheelchair is sacred space but a scooter public property (and should you charge if someone wants a ride?). BBC Radio New Comedy Act 2014 Lost Voice Guy chips in with his thoughts on The Theory of Everything.

Special thanks this month to BBC Ouch, produced by Damon Rose and Emma Tracey.


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